Why Do You Need Blockchain For The Supplychain?

We assist organizations in transforming their Supplychain ecosystem by leveraging the blockchain's promise to improve transparency, scalability, and security. Our blockchain solutions bring new value to the Supplychain by addressing inefficiencies such as data inconsistency and lack of interoperability. Traceability and transparency are the most critical logistics and Supplychain foundations at scalar and global corporate networks, so we put even more emphasis on them.

Benefits Of Blockchain For Supplychain

  • Secure Interactions
    One of the biggest problems for the shipment crew has been tracking the shipment to the correct customer. The blockchain serves as a single point of contact for all partners in the Supplychain, with data accessible only to those who are invited. As a result, shipment tracking can be allocated to a certain person with access to specified permissions.
  • Fair Trading
    Supplychain Solutions based on the blockchain can authenticate the product's origin, materials, manufacturer, and more. Blockchain technology has the potential to minimize counterfeit goods while also promoting ethical trade, environmental protection, and human rights.
  • Resilient Supplychain
    One-down/one-up visibility is a common constraint in Supplychains. A blockchain Supplychain solution, on the other hand, delivers a single, shared version of the truth and enhanced visibility at every stage of the Supplychain.

Why Business SupplyChains Run Better On Blockchains?

The landscape of the enterprise Supplychain market is changing.

OpenLedger enables you to take advantage of these key blockchain opportunities to improve the efficiency of hundreds of your Supplychain processes.

Complete Transparency

Seamless Collaboration

End-To-End Traceability

Why Work With Us

Extensive Expertise - You'll have access to our team's knowledge in both our own blockchain technologies and custom solutions that have been successfully implemented.

Cutting-Edge Solutions - The OpenLedger team is pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and using it to propel your organization forward.

Highly-Skilled Dev Team- Our in-house cross-functional team creates all of our IT solutions. On your project, the best blockchain experts on the market will be at work.

Profound R&D - The exceptional R&D group at OpenLedger conducts in-depth research into new ways to improve your products and services so that we may apply them jointly.