Tools & Technology

We help you to launch the powerful blockchain developed using cutting edge technologies. These technologies enhance the service delivery and give rise to transparency in your business.

Ethereum - Using this technology, our experts helps you deploy potential decentralised applications

Hyperledger - It includes modular blockchain frameworks that helps in developing smart contracts and utilises cryptography

Solidity - Solidity is one of the powerful programming language developed exclusively for smart contracts. We utilise other plugins like Truffle, Ripple, IOTA and Quorum

Advantages Of Blockchain Plugins

Business engaged with crypto currency transactions can avail the following benefits by using blockchain

Faster Payments

Blockchain makes the payment faster and economic since it prevents the need for intermediary. Payments are transferred on the peer-peer network.

Secured Data Storage

Blockchain enables the secured data storage on cloud with decentralised solutions. Blockchain also avoids unauthorised access in the future.

Secure Authentication

Blockchain safeguards users information with encryption and shares data without any safety or security concerns.

Services Offered By Us

We can guarantee that Roboto360 is the best and most advanced technological partner to boost the growth of your organisation and may be a change enabler for your company. We offer the following cutting-edge services and solutions:

Private Blockchain Systems



Smart-Contract And Audit

Supply-Chain Blockchain

Why choose Roboto360?

High quality and error free Coding

Optimum Utilization Of Resources

Performance-Oriented Processes

Security & Scalability