Frameworks Used By Roboto360

We use various frameworks like COSMO, ITIL, COBIT, FAIR and CMMI to deliver a governance system that aligns with the business objectives of your organization.


This framework emphasizes on risk-management and fraud prevention activities.


ITIL describes the best practices to ensure that your business operations is supported by IT infrastructure.


Factor Analysis of Information Risk is a framework that focuses on risk assessment and management & cybersecurity concepts to quantify potential risks.

How Does Our Governance System Help You To Reach Your Business Objectives ?

Roboto360 can help your firm to measure progress, meet compliance regulations, protection and retention of data and disaster recovery.

Governance system couples the business strategy with the IT initiatives and encourages good behavior and aids the management with decision making process.

Implementation of our governance system related solutions in the system may maintain consensus among various stakeholders with conflicting priorities.

Innovative Benefits Of Governance System

Utilization of a decentralized governance approach allows the firm to collaborate creatively A well-built governance model strengthens autonomy, builds trust and encourages knowledge sharing culture.

Organizations can align their business strategy with their development strategy by implementing a governance and can monitor the performance against key strategic goals. Ensure consistency, data compatibility, and continuous integration between all various business initiatives and avoid creating siloed solutions.

Automation And Data Governance

Roboto360 offers the following services to seamlessly manage complex systems Cloud governance is gaining attention which are built using various technologies like hybrid cloud or multi-cloud systems, innovative services and specific APIs. It helps the firm to manage its complex systems effectively.

Automation helps organizations to track governance across various developmental phases automatically, to maintain integrity and security of data and digital assets and outlines the specified tools and recommended security standards to safeguard the entire system.

Our Governance System Features

Safe and Secure

To deliver customized governance software, we use various frameworks like COSO, ITIL, COBIT, FAIR and CMMI to improve the performance of employees, protect consumer data and to prevent frauds.

Flexible and Scalable

Well- built governance system delivers the required functionalities with flexibility and adaptability as its key components. The constantly growing nature of the business market may change the expectations, processes, objectives, focus and collaboration styles and the utilization of proper governance systems can help them to fit with the mentioned concepts.


The prime feature of the governance system model is the ability to facilitate transparency in the business projects and initiatives across various organizations Which plays a major role ensures that the team members are familiarized with the objectives and progress towards the target. This feature empowers the development teams to solve the blockages in the processes and share their successes.