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Software Developer

India. Full-time. Intermediate

About the Position

In this great and enhancing position, you can ensure efficiency by doing vast research on latest upgrades to the technology but at a fast pace. Your start will depend on Analysis & Research which then should move to the executing environment by writing codes to develop and test the applications. You will have your maintaining records of your working action where you will create, audit that should help you diagnose the software systems for resolving bugs or issues.

Who We Are

Roboto360 always emphasizes to embrace a well-established cultural set and professional values that represent our services that transform client business meeting the demands for the digital era. We help our clients build and launch more innovative and unique businesses.

Moreover, working here at Roboto360 will make you grow to a stupendous position in order to balance your work life and achieve your goals for success.

Your Key Responsibility Areas (KRA)

This will be your Job role that acts as a scope for you from the organization’s design to analyse your performance from your accomplishment on your job.

Delivering a Fantastic Outcome

Your Solicit performance of understanding the competency should be used to identify proficiency gaps.

Assisting for other requests is much expected and will basically determine your active participation.

While undertaking your responsibilities, you should be ready to judge and make practical comments.

Drive to consider the reviews and feedback from managers and teams.

Helping, Guiding and Supervising should be on your daily regulation for helping the team members.

Understand the metrics of our Organization to make effective changes on revenue generation.

Efficient Work Input

The skills you mentioned in your resume should match perfectly from your skill delivered for the outcome.

Your work should also be calculated from the performances you show by being accountable for resolving conflicts transparently during management reviews.

Mentor your teams to keep record and to maintain their daily task to motivate them for smart and effective work.

Keep moving forward from your work showcased through the way you deliver the work in a timely manner for more rewards and recognitions.

Be smart enough to create unique ideas and also to share your knowledge for the team’s success that help you grow to the max.


Compulsory graduation with strong knowledge to adapt anything fast.


Spring Boot


Core Java

25 Nov 2021


Work Type




Senior Software Engineer

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