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We provide white label crypto exchange software, which is a market ready solution with readily deployable backend and easily customizable UI/UX or front end as per business requirements for quicker launch.

Categories Of Stablecoin

There are three type of stablecoins based on their working mechanisms.

Fiat- Collateralised

It is backed by a fiat currency reserve like a US Dollar as a security and can be exchanged for suitable number of coins.

These are centralised and need strict regulations and auditing.


This type of stablecoin is backed by a combination of other cryptos.

They are high in liquidity, superefficient and transparent.

These stable coins are over-collateralized.

Commodity- Collateralised

A category which is backed by metals like gold,silver.

These coins are stable, trustworthy, and require auditing.

Their prices are tied to these metals and can be exchanged for more or less on demand.

Features Of Stablecoin

A stablecoin is backed by a reserve asset like gold that tries to prevent price fluctuations. It belongs to crypto category and its unique features are:

Non - Volatility - Backed by real world securities and hence, prices are unaltered.

Liquidity - If price goes up, more stablecoins are minted for stability reasons.

Transparent Transactions - All transactions are transparent and secured.

Broader Integration - Stablecoins caab be accepted and traded at various exchanges.