Blockchain protocols used by our experts

Compound Finance

Compound is an open-source algorithmic protocol which is exclusively built for developers to automatically sets the interest rates and unlocks a world.

Yearn Finance

A group of protocols supported by the Ethereum blockchain through which the users can optimize their earnings on theri crypto holdings through trading and lending services.


Uniswap is a decentralized finance protocol which is fully decentralized with the support of automated liquidity pool and can be used to trade or exchange cryptocurrencies.


MakerDAO is a protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain that provides algorithmic stablecoin called Dai which can be redeemed by the users for providing ethereum-based tokens.

Curve Finance

Curve is an ethereum-based decentralized exchange liquidity pool designed to facilitate efficient stablecoin trading with low slippage and low fee.


The Balancer is the most flexible and versatile market maker protocol that serves as a fundamental of DeFi infrastructure to prominent a primitive.

Our Services

Roboto360 offers various blockchain development services like platform development, smart contract development and auditing, wallet development, NFT development, decentralized application development, blockchain consulting services, customizable blockchain services for various startups and enterprises with multiple uses cases

Cryptocurrency Development

We provide cutting-edge cryptocurrency solutions like crypto wallet, application, smart contract development and auditing, tokenization and crypto exchange platform or application development.

Decentralized Development

Avail Roboto360’s world-class decentralized application services which benefits your platform users in a numerous way like safeguarding the privacy of users, flexibility in development and lack of censorship.

Blockchain Software Development

Roboto360 provides end-to-end blockchain software and application development like smart contract development, ICO development, blockchain ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace Development

Roboto360 offers various NFT related services like NFT token development, NFT exchange development, NFT white paper creation, NFT marketplace development to help your business to attract a wide group of targeted users.

Use Cases
Supply Chain Management

Improve the performance and boost your supply chain industry using our blockchain solutions

Asset Management

Roboto360 delivers undebatable blockchain related products and solutions for enterprises


Seamlessly trade or exchange your holdings on multiple platforms with reduced fraud and delays

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Multi-utility Integration

optimize your business operations, increase ROI and improve safety by integrating blockchain technology with your business

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