Security Audit Development Services

Security Audits are often essential for any system. Implementation of blockchain technology in most applications urged the necessity to secure from cyber threats.

Why Choose Us for Security

The need for implementing the security in blockchain is to safeguard from hackers. Since the cryptocurrency has become a trillion dollar business there are frequent attacks on the smart contract to steal money. Therefore it is necessary to audit applications for security risk before launch.

Our network of Engineers assesses your application to find the loopholes in the system. Conduct audit across major protocols and smart contracts. Provide you with an analysis report indicating the area of improvement.

Our Services

Smart Contract Audit

We analyze the smart contract code to discover the errors and security vulnerabilities.

Crypto Audit

As many clients are engaged in cryptocurrencies, it's necessary to audit the crypto assets.

Token / Crowdsale Audit

Since the auction migrated to online, there is a need to provide security to this business.

Wallet And dApp Audit

Your wallet is connected to a dapp. A poorly designed dapp may lead to money laundering by hackers.

Technology Used In Our Services

We choose tools that easily interact with Dapp in the browser and connect the blockchain network. Tools we use for developing security audits include Solidity, Truffle, Ganache and Metamask.