Stay Ahead Among Your Competitors With Roboto’s Powerful DeFi Staking Platform

Our pool of experts develops and delivers a powerful DeFi staking platform with multiple integrations to boost your business and take your firm to the next level. All your mission goals can be achieved with the help of DeFi staking platform on any blockchain in a seamless manner.


Deliver an impactful and institute-grade DeFi staking platform suited to wide group of target users.

Seamless Exchange

Build a new crypto exchange platform or avail the benefits of custom one to provide DeFi staking services to users.

Secured Wallet

Help your users to stake their assets in a secured platform with our enterprise grade security.

Staking As A Service

This platform focuses only on staking rather than exchange and storage services and staking on these platforms is known as Soft staking.

Tap into staking market by launching our DeFi staking platform and accelerate your business

DeFi staking and its features

DeFi staking is the process where the users can lock their holdings to involve in managing the operations of blockchain driven by proof-of-stake mechanisms.

It is equivalent to mining cryptocurrency which gives rewards to its users for assigned tasks and their active participation in the platform.

It helps the stakeholders to reach a consensus and transforms the traditional lending and borrowing platform.

Exciting Reward For Platform Users

Make the best use of available resources to reward the platform users with existing or customisable mechanism

Rewards For Validating The Ledger

Assign the users with validation tasks on the blockchain based on the assets they hold and reward them. In this mechanism, users who hold more assets will be given more validation work and more rewards.

Claim Rewards Based On The Staked Value

In this concept, users are rewarded based on the assets they staked on your crypto staking platform. The more the asset they lock, the more the regards they receive which are transferred to their wallets.

Reward For Delegate’s Service And Knowledge

A representative operates on the invested amounts who can be considered as a fund manager. In this category, profits made are invested again and users receive the dividends.

Staking Process

  • Examine
    To understand the needs and requirements of clients, Roboto works with them consistently to deliver a customized blockchain that offers innovative features of staking platform. We analyse both current market and future trends to deliver a powerful DeFi staking platform with various use cases that helps you to stand among the competitors
  • Build
    Our team builds and delivers a world-class DeFi staking platform by utilizing their immense expertise and string domain knowledge. Roboto360 offers crypto platform development services for various industries, enterprises including startups with ready to deploy solutions to witness active engagement of stakeholders and staking platform users
  • Organise
    We organise a set of plans made from intense market analysis to aid clients or businesses to stay ahead of the competitors by delivering an impactful decentralised staking platform. They can avail the powerful marketing and business strategies from the advisory panel using which they can predict the business and market impact to deploy a market ready solution
  • Implement
    After an innovative development and intense testing by a highly experienced testing team, deploy the impactful deFi staking platform with innovative and unique features. Even after deployment, avail both technical and non technical support along with business strategies from our team to witness a tangible impact on your business and stay ahead.

Reasons To Choose Roboto360 To Develop Staking Platform

Reasonable Outcomes - Roboto360 ensures that delivered product creates a impactful business and matches customers requirements and business goals.

Rapid Development And Deployment - If price goes up, more stable coins are minted for stability reasons.

Complete Support - Even after the platform launch, avail the extensive services from roboto360 to grow your business further.