Unique Features Of Centralized Exchange Platform

Simultaneous Trading

Buy and sell crypto assets simultaneously across various markets.Users can also utilise arbitrary trading to which is an attractive way to maximise their gains.

Trade Matching Engine

Our centralized exchange platform matches the bids and offers in order to complete the trades using in-built trade matching engine incorporated with powerful algorithms

Liquidity And Escrow Management

Collect and display the whole order book on your platform to increase the flow of crypto trading to attract a wide range of users and upsurge information quality with escrow

Exchange Solutions

We develop customised, flawless and user-friendly centralized exchange applications for web and mobile in order to serve the needs of both professional and novice traders.

We develop top-notch centralized exchange solutions with customised features despite the complexity of your business requirements. Our centralized exchange platform delivers unimaginable trading experience stuffed with numerous back-end solutions.

Benefits for
centralized exchanges

Roboto 360 offers centralized exchange solutions that help you to stay high ahead among your competitors

Scalable architecture -Our centralized software consists of scalable architecture to deal with increased transaction loads

High security - We excel in developing highly secured centralized exchange software based on latest regulations in Fintech industry

Exchange Packages

We offer following centralized exchange services as packages according to business needs of enterprise

White Label Exchange Solution- This service offers unique brand name, attractive logo, Liquidity and merchant API, multiple assets, 24/7 technical support and web wallets

Standard Centralized Exchange- Launch your own server implemented with third parity’s API configuration, website with customized UI/UX design, 12 months technical support and base currency setup

Solution For Enterprise Exchange- This package gives you the access to source codes,admin control with the prescribed features, AI based tool to simplify and mange platform operations and Hot and Cold wallet integrations

Services For Multiple Platforms

We develop and deploy ideal centralized exchange platform form various businesses like Financial institutions,corporate, startups,forex trading,new coin owners,invertors and niche crypto investors

Unique Features Of Roboto’s Centralized Exchange

Roboto’s centralized exchange ecosystem includes the following features

Bank Grade Security- Our centralized exchange solutions offer users a high level security feature equivalent.

Multi-Sig wallet- Traders can create a two-factor authentication mechanism in order to access their funds and prevent malicious activities..

Administrative Control- Easily detect and identify various risks,utilise advanced alert settings with robust.

Modular Architecture- Easily complete various processes such as KYC/AML, user profile verification as well as other related..