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Why Integrate CRM/ERP To Blockchain?

The CRM and the ERP systems are the backbone of any organization. The ERP system helps an organization to manage their business activities. The CRM takes care of the customer relationship. These systems integrated to Blockchain will aid to a better performance

Automated Business Process

The smart contract of the blockchain helps in the automation of business. When the business receives orders for products the shipment is triggered automatically. The invoice gets updated after payment. The payment transactions and time consuming manual tasks are made simpler with multiple smart contracts.

Increases Security And Speed

ERP and CRM involve a large amount of data so it's important to secure the data. Built over the blockchain provides the data security. Since every business task is automated the system performance increases.

Authentication And Verification

The company needs to verify the identity of both employee and customers. Also authenticate the user who accesses the data in the ERP/CRM system. The blockchain ensures authentication of individual identity and sensitive data.

Risk Free Payments

The purchases and payments of B2B are automated and become risk free through blockchain. This makes the bank and insurance company rely on blockchain based ERP and CRM.

What Does Our CRM/ERP Blockchain Integration Consist Of?

Our CRM/ERP blockchain products are developed as per the company prerequisite. But we care for the overall performance of the final product. Authentication is the most important we take in consideration. The business transactions are notified with messages. All users accessing the system have to sign up before using it. A collaboration platform for the customers are provided for discussion. A wide range of reports are generated to facilitate the enterprise like sales report, purchase report, sales and purchase returns, shipment records, customer and employee reports and many more.

Factors That Make Customer
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Our team analyzes the customer needs and undergo development with the client requirement. The products are developed from scratch and delivered on-time. The customer’s suggestions are taken into account at every stage of development. We deliver the services at minimum span of time.