Need For Microservice-Blockchain Integration

The integration of blockchain technology with microservices will serve as a powerful foundation for technology-streamlined coupling.

Blockchain triggers the operations of management in real-time while microservices acts as a pillar to create and scale partnerships.

They together acts as a wheel between inventors without the compromising products integrity and security.

Combined Benefits Of Micro-Service And Blockchain

Endurability - To design a highly secured architecture along with a synchronised replica of ledger, Microservices is the best choice . While doing an insignificant transaction even the entire system remains unaffected even if an operation fails.

Rapid Application Development - Various development teams can work together and testing can be done simultaneously while designing a microservice which can lead to the faster development of application.

Improved Scalability - Like smart contracts, microservices facilitates isolation with the help of docker containers and runs various instances of particular microservice to improve the scalability.

Revamp Your Business With Roboto 360’s MicroServices

The following three points describe that how our microservice architecture benefits your firm

Consistency - A key challenge associated within microservices architecture is the coordination of concurrent queries. Our microservice architecture retrieves consistent answers which allows coordination and stability across desperate microservices.

Permissions - Roboto’s powerful architecture secures the data and prevents data leakage. Only intended data will be shared with the target group.

Semantic Microservice - Our architecture Leverages the benefits of RDF and SPARQL query for data linkage across various data sources.