Tools To Automate Blockchain Service

We use the following software development toolkit to build a customised application which can be integrated with another program.

Cosmos SDK

A framework that enables the construction of secure state-machines above Tendermint

Hyperledger Fabric SDK

It facilitates the integration between your applications and the network by utilising a library of APIs.


It is used to implement smart contracts. Create contracts for various uses such as voting, crowdfunding, blind auctions, and multi-signature wallets using solidity.

Customize Your Own Decentralized Blockchain Applications

Truffle, Ripple, IOTA, GDAX and Quorum are the other SDKs which are utilised by us to build a customised decentralised application according to your business requirements


We use a set of healthcare related SDK to deliver important information to patients, to provide vital support, to work effectively with partner providers, insurance companies and government agencies.

Real Estate

Our experts use a set of SDK tools to develop Hybrid smart contract which is a smart contract that utilises both the security of blockchain technology and the richness of real-world data through which the users can tokenize their real estate assets on blockchains in unique ways.

Gaming Platform

We utilise the most popular game development engine - Unity to create engaging and trending NFT games.

Advantages of SDK

SDK helps programmers to develop blockchains and allows them to communicate with each other thus breaking the technological barrier.

It speeds up the transaction process, maintains sovereignty and increases security which makes it an ideal for a variety of use cases.

It is designed to allow developers to build secure, custom and scalable decentralised applications.