Are API’s Important in Blockchain Development?

The API in blockchain servers is intermediate between blockchain node and client network. The API’s are extensively used in mobile and web applications where two applications are developed in different platforms. The API request for data to the server and result back with the response.

API In Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency involves a large amount of data since the transactions are online. The API’s base work is the data transfer through request and response mechanism.

API In Crypto Trade

Since cryptocurrencies are treated as commodities they pave the way for crypto trade. Large quantities of information are to be exchanged. API interface between the user application and exchange platforms.

API As Data Aggregator

API collects data from investment and crowdsale platforms and passes it to the clients. Most exchange and investment platforms provide their own API’s for users.

Our Blockchain API

Our team of developers are providing clients with API’s for their Blockchain development. We are ready to build the following API’s for you.

Blockchain Wallet API

An API that facilitates users to send and receive cryptocurrency payments.

Websocket API

API that are used by developers to retrieve real-time data from new transactions or from a block.

Crypto Market Data API

Crypto MarketData API is used for development of Financial Systems for market pricing and exchange rate of cryptocurrencies.

Features Of Our API

Integrates with existing application

Supports multiple cryptocurrencies

Implies security

API coded in javascript

Support JSON format

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