Impact Of Salesforce Solutions On Business Processes

Roboto360 portrays your current business workflow in salesforce by optimizing the Web-to-lead and Web-to-case features to generate more leads, incorporating alert services and request submission for approval, assigning assignment rules and streamline escalations to divide the workload of the Sales/Service representatives, Securing data by implementing data restrictions according to roles and permissions sets.

Our customizable salesforce development services will boost your revenue by Improving customer experience, Increasing leads by reducing Sales cycles, deployment of specific services with customized features in a short time, improving agility.

Multi-Utility And Multi-Purpose Dashboard

Our multi- utility dashboard contains various features along with some innovative features to visually understand changing business conditions which can help you to make decisions from the real-time data obtained from the gathered reports.

Activities Done By Individual

Use this feature to track the percentage of completed sales tasks to get a deep insight into the sales performance.

Sales Performance vs Target

This feature is integrated with a gauge system which provide data analytics between sales performance and target with a forecast tab.

Pipeline Deals

This feature indicates the number of business opportunities that are due to close each month in the form of selected metric system.

Opportunities And Contacts

This feature represents the existing funnel according to the date and current stage.

Why Choose Roboto360’s Salesforce Solutions ?

Our customized and powerfully integrated salesforce solutions helps your firm to

Uplift your revenue by increasing up-selling and cross-selling of your products.

Facilitate the smooth internal collaboration to achieve optimized marketing.

Improve sales productivity and achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Salesforce Services Offered By Roboto360

We offer salesforce development services to startups and enterprises for various industries which can be tailored to suit the business needs of specific industries. Roboto360 provides various services like off-site consulting, designing, product development, training, consulting and support even after product delivery.

Appexchange Product Implementation

We helped many businesses with AppExchange based product implementations like Dashboard, KPI Reports, Inbox Integration, Salesforce Design Integration, Adobe Integration.

Custom Theme And UI/UX Development

The unique feature of Roboto360’s Salesforce products is that all services or products can be customized including UI/UX designs. Our professional designers offer effective custom and resemble your organization's business processes.

Custom Report Development

Considering the importance of data analytics, Roboto360 offers in-built features to develop customized reports and to generate useful metrics and dashboards with enhanced reporting capabilities.

Powerful Partner Integrations

In current market conditions, an organization should integrate multiple solutions to overcome their business challenges. Roboto360 integrates powerful and impactful third-party software with Salesforce.